My Story in His Story

Once Upon A Time…

     …a girl was born on January 6th, 2001. She grew up to have two younger siblings along with her older brother. Her family lived in Plymouth, MI for a little while with an awesome lady from their church. She is now their even more awesome youth group leader along with her husband. Both of them are awesome and decorated their attic to look like a spaceship. And we got to live there. None of our friends believe us. No joke.

The day after Christmas, they moved. Now they live in an unbelieving small but cozy house in Westland. They are hopefully moving to Canton in a few weeks! 🙂

She attends Woodside Bible Church in Plymouth (formerly Plymouth Baptist Church) and has her whole life (which is 14 years). Her pastor and his wife retired and moved to Tennessee, which was very sad. Their new merged church is awesome. She has made many friends there, male and female, young and old. She loves their church and everyone there.


This girl takes piano lessons from a fantastic piano teacher. She is pretty advanced, and hopes to keep learning until there is nothing to learn. Just kidding. But she wishes she could also play the violin. Soon she’ll start lessons!

She started her blog one Saturday because her brother and dad had ones and she thought it would be a neat way to post pictures she took. She is a pretty talented photographer, and that would be her second option as a career. First would be a piano teacher. (She’s hoping this summer she could try to teach a few people!)

She is home-schooled, and her mom does a great job teaching all four of her siblings. She doesn’t think it’s weird at all to be home-schooled, and is glad she doesn’t have to go to public school. Home-school is still just as hard, though, despite what some people think.

This is a blog about her life, her photography, and sometimes very random things. Please enjoy! 🙂

**Last updated: May 17, 2015**


15 thoughts on “My Story in His Story

  1. HA! ‘Try not to be a neat freak’! Yeah…I need to practice on that…I’m a total neat freak 🙂 Just ask anyone who saw me organizing the junk-drawer!


    1. Thank you–I’m glad you enjoy mine. 🙂

      I know of a few that I’d love to share. Actually, you’ve inspired me to do a post soon of all my favorite blogs! I’ll list my favorites then. Thanks for the idea!

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