Graetly Average

Heyyyyy everyone!! So I  posted briefly about my new blog a few days ago but now that I have more time I wanted to mention a few things about it!!

About Minutiae 

-first, thanks to all of my readers here who have been following me for almost five years!!

-i will not be deleting this blog, i am just leaving it alone and focusing on the new website

About Graetly Average 

-i ask you to view it at least once  on a computer vs. a mobile device because it looks really bad  on mobile lol

-if you’re wondering how to follow it, the follow button only pops up on a computer for some reason

-i apologize for the complicated URL.. you have to pay for a legit URL and i’m not going to do that right now

Soooooo I think that’s it! You can view my site here :

I’d  love to hear your feedback on the design! {yes, it is currently under minor construction}

naomi rae


3 thoughts on “Graetly Average

  1. Hello Rae ( if I may call you that), I checked out your site and just wanted to say that I think it looks Nice and I especially like how it is simple to navigate ( on my computer at least) 🙂

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