extraño el verano


(the benefits of knowing Spanish: when you don’t have a blog post title, translate something basic and it instantly sounds dramatic)

So September was… Wow. On the 14th, my grandpa had a heart attack and drove himself to the hospital. When we got the phone call, mom and dad were getting ready to go to small group, Peter had just left for work, Anna was outside playing  with her friends. our day was going normally. Then mom got the phonecall, and at first we were all a little scared and emotional because it was so unexpected. I mean, he was ok enough to call his daughter, but it was still stressful. SO much back and forth has happened since then, so I’ll keep this short, but basically the first three/four days he was in the ICU, he almost died like three times. We were at a very close family’s house for two nights while mom and dad stayed at the hospital. The day we all came home and were  together, most of us were a crying mess (well okayyy, maybe just me haha)  fast forward to about two weeks… He was removed from the ICU yesterday, and is doing *considerably* better although he is still very sick. so please pray that he will keep improving every day!! It’s been a CRAZY last few weeks!


So that’s what our life has looked like! What about you guys? How’s your first month of school going?

-naomi rae-

{this was supposed to be posted almost a month ago!!!! I never hit publish!!! lol}



3 thoughts on “extraño el verano

    1. Thanks Sarah!He’s actually doing much better! I mean, he’s still extremely weak and is on lots of meds, but he moved out of U of M yesterday and is living with one of my aunts.
      Yeah, I liked some of Algebra II but a lot of it i didn’t care for :p 🙂

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