Family Reunion Photos

friday and saturday we had a family reunion in Howell on my dad’s side of the family. it was really fun– especially saturday. there was a pool that day! 🙂 and in honor of my dad’s aunt and uncle’s upcoming 50th anniversary, we had a Surprise Vow Renewal Ceremony!! It was very casual, with the bride and groom in their bathing suits 😉 lol. my dad officiated it, standing on the steps of the playhouse. it was really great!

vow renewal 2

vow renewal

i can’t believe may 26 was the last time i posted!! i’m so sorry, but to be honest, i haven’t been taking many photos or taking the time to write blogposts because i’ve been enjoying my summer so much! maybe in the fall i’ll set up a schedule for blogging….no promises tho.

some things we’ve been up to: (not in any particular order)

mom’s birthday

peter’s open house

family reunion

peter went on a 5 day mission’s trip to detroit with our church woodside

planning on a week with grandparents and a staycation at the end of august

peter is taking segment two of driver’s ed

so yeah!! it’s been busy…i’ve been babysitting a lot, we’ve done a lot with friends, and it’s been fun! tonight we’re going to see civil war with some friends at the penn theater. {not that i care about the actual movie..:)  }  how has your guys’ summer been?

 ❤ Naomi Rae ❤


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