How I Spent My SuperBowl…..

If you’re like most americans, the Super Bowl is as big of an event as New Year’s Eve. Christmas is no big deal compared to the Super Bowl. Thanksgiving bows down to the Super Bowl. 

If you’re like my family, the Super Bowl means your extended family won’t answer their phone for an afternoon while you sit at home wondering why all the junk food is on sale and how come war cries have been coming from your neighbors house all day. 

Football is like trying to follow the presidential campaigns, for me at least. All I know is both sides want the same thing and they are willing to do anything it takes to get there. There may or not be a strategy. I have no clue. 

So with all that said, you can imagine all my family had on the docket for Super Bowl Sunday was….church. 

After church one of my friends came over. (pretty typical) when she comes over there isn’t really anything fun that we do. So this time, I told her and my three siblings that as soon as my mom and dad went to their bible study in the afternoon, we were going to do something to surprise mom and dad. While they were gone, we–


we decorated the house obnoxiously and hung strips of paper with “Root for _____” from the ceiling. Josh and Anna dressed up like football players and took pictures next to a blackboard with Super Bowl 2016 written on it. By the time mom and dad got home, we were exhausted but jumped up and yelled “Happy  Super Bowl! Join the party!” 

They weren’t expecting that. But it cracked them up. 



the best part is, we never watched a second of the game. ;D  


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