it feels like january and i don’t like that

Well, my birthday is in January…but I wanted to wait just a feeeeeew more weeks for snow….oh well. :-/



Just 48 hours ago, it was actually somewhat warm.  The sun was shining.  you didn’t need to wear 2 pairs of jeans and 3 coats to avoid frostbite.  And there was this green thing all over the ground that you could actually see.  I like the snow, just not in November!


And now..the beautiful moments in life that have been captured on camera:  (you might need a tissue..just warning you)


i think we could win a gurning contest.


So i hope you are all enjoying the snow…we’re here in Howell with our grandma–yesterday we went to see a Mary Poppins play and today my sister and I (the freaks in the above picture) are going with my other grandmother to see a Cinderella play at a highschool. That should be interesting. 🙂


{btw, that’s candy in their mouth…. :-/}


Now go shovel someone’s walk for them! 😀



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