Alas, Every Summer Must End…

Today was my first day of my sophomore year. I only have three years of school left. {excuse me while I scream}

Strangely, we had oatmeal today…which is what we had last year on our first day of school… :-/

Since the summer that began in the last few days of May has –sob– come to a close, I’m going to list 3 keywords that will always remind me of this summer.

  1. Moving Obviously, since we’ve only moved once, this will always remind of summer.
  2. Frisbee Okay seriously. Frisbee as become my new middle name. We played almost every single weekend. I used to be terr.i.fied. of Frisbees. But ever since this summer, I love it! Ultimate Frisbee will always remind me of a summer night, barefoot, hanging out with our friends…
  3. Crocheting I used to crochet a lot, but for a few years didn’t. In the last few weeks, I’ve made two a started two blankets. They are really pretty! I’ll be posting pictures soon.

I know, random, but those are some main things I’ve been occupied with this summer.

I have to say, I loved and miss our old house, but this house is…just amazing. We used to be 20-30 minutes from a lot of activities and friends houses, so we had to miss out on some stuff, and it was harder to have people over.

Now, we have friends over very very spontaneously, all the time, and almost every single weekend these past 3 months have been spent with friends. The house has more space, the yard is bigger, and the neighbors are really nice. We live across the street from 16 year long friends, and our house is in a cul-de-sac, which means you can go on a short walk, basically without leaving your sidewalk! 😀

Although I say this every summer, I know that for sure, this has been the best summer ever.



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