DIY~~ Tie Dye Shirt

Probably the funnest summer project ever; plus it’s one of the easiest–tie dye! 🙂  A week or so ago was actually the first time I’ve ever done it. I took pictures of every step in order to have this DIY post.


You’re gonna want to purchase (or use an old one like I did) a white Tshirt, rubber bands, and dye of your color of choice. I chose blue. 🙂



(My sister did one too; here’s hers)


This was only a few dollars at Hobby Lobby. I got the powdery stuff, not the liquid dye.


So the rubber bands that we bought were different sizes.  You don’t need different sizes, though.


Next we took the rubber bands and just kind of tied them on different parts of the shirt. {NOTICE: YOUR SHIRT IS NOT GOING TO LOOK VERY GOOD AT THIS STAGE BUT IT WILL WORK OUT I PROMISE 🙂 }

For mine, I twisted the middle and tied it like a cinnamon bun:


Grab it from the middle, and twist it clockwise.


At the end it should look something like cette:


Try to wear that as a shirt. lol

Next, grab a nice size bucket (remember that you’re dealing with dye, so don’t use a bucket that you’re emotionally attached to; unless of course you don’t mind it being a different color…)

In the bucket, pour 1/4 cup of salt, the packet of dye, and one gallon of hot water. (Or at least enough water to cover your shirt/s)


Oh, and you can’t forget to wear gloves… besides, even if you don’t absolutely need them, you look like a mad scientist! That should be reason enough to slip them on.


(Disclaimer: The gloves don’t always work. Thankfully I washed the blue off my hands so I didn’t have to go to church looking like a Smurf)

Next, emerge your rubber-banded clothing into the bucket.


It says to leave it in for 15 minutes, stirring continuously, then 45 stirring occasionally. We left ours in for maybe, 30 minutes?  It worked out fine. Just remember that leaving it in for longer than you had to is a lot better than not leaving it in long enough.

We let it soak, then took the bucket inside to our laundry tub. (If you don’t have something like a laundry tub to pour out the bucket, I’m pretty sure you can dump it in your yard; I saw videos where people did–just ask your dad or mom before you do–unless you’re using green dye. In that case, I don’t think there would be a problem… ) We rinsed the shirts in cold water. Don’t freak out if some dye rinses out–it will, but it won’t all wash out. If it does all wash out, I bet you a hundred bucks ya didn’t leave it in long enough. I told you!!

Then, you can throw it in the dryer for about…well, until it’s dry. Depending on the way you tied the rubber bands, it might look something like this:


Anna’s shirt from the front ^


Anna’s shirt from the back…


My shirt.








I hope this was a helpful tutorial! Feel free to YouTube if you’re super confused with my directions. I, for one, am very confused.

Have a great Friday! I’m off to practice violin (grab your ear plugs….)

Naomi ❤


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