Life Has Been Interesting…

In just the last 24 hours, a church pew has fallen on top of me and my mom has earned herself some crutches.

Okay, it’s a long story, so hang in there.

As you know, (errr…I think you know) someone bought our house back around April. The day of the closing, (for anyone who doesn’t know much about moving–like me– the closing is where the buyer actually signs papers to officially own the house) I had a violin lesson. So I was the only kid that got to see the new owner!! 🙂 I am slightly stalker-ish so I –DISCREETLY –took a picture of her and texted it to my siblings. She is a young lady, really nice, and will hopefully take care of our house. Anyways, I have also told you how we found a house in Canton. Well, that totally worked out and they accepted our offer back in the end of April/beginning of May! We were super excited because it is right across the street from our friends. 😀

The moving date was set for May 29. We had a lot of great friends over Friday and loaded up a U-Haul full of all of our earthly possessions. 🙂 One hilarious happening was when the bottom of a giganto box of clothes fell apart and spilled all over the hallway as one of my brother’s friends was dragging it. 😛 Friday night one of my friends spontaneously spent the night, so we stayed up to late talking about awkward things like weird dreams we had and whether or not we’re going to college, and about how our parents met, and how family members ask us every Christmas if we have a boyfriend or not, (????) stuff like that. 🙂 It was a really fun night but I only got 7 hours of sleep. #consequences

The next morning we got up at 8 and I ate a whopping breakfast of 1/2 a bagel. After packing up a few more boxes, some of us headed over to our new house. We gave the official tour of the empty house and got to work. We unpacked the truck right before it started to rain. Some old friends stopped by to give us “house-warming” gifts and to just say hi. Peter and I each had one of our friends stay and help us unpack our room and get a little organized, which was really nice and really fun. We drove them home and on our way back stopped by our other, old house to give the new owner the key. *Keep in mind it was raining*

Our house was kind of sadly empty, but I knew it was going to someone nice. 🙂 My dad gave her the key and started showing her stuff around the house so she knew what to do  with certain stuff. Well, we were standing there and my grandma, who was in the car, called over to my mom that her phone was going off with text messages. My mom started walking over to the car and stepped up onto the porch step, which was slippery. She slipped and fell, and later said she thought her leg was broken!! My dad and brother ran over to help her up, but she could barely hobble to the car. It immediately started swelling up.My sister and I both felt sooo bad.

Anyways, we got ice for her and she barely got inside our house (it was still raining…). So the first night there we had a laid up mom. Well, we still have a laid up mom.

The next morning–it was still raining– she went in to ask a doctor what she should do. When she came home, my dad ran over to our neighbor’s house (who ironically happens to be our realtor…) and borrowed a pair of crutches.

That just happened.

Well, yesterday, we didn’t go to church because my mom couldn’t go and we were trying to figure out who would stay here to help her out, and so we all just stayed home…

Yesterday afternoon my dad and brothers went to the store to find light-bulbs for something. Our neighbors that we know already brought us dinner. About 2 and a half minutes after they left, my mom asked me to go get some sour cream out of the cooler in our garage (our fridge isn’t working).

If you have made it this far, and you’re not totally confused with all my details, I congratulate you. Please hang in there; this is where it just gets good.

I started to open the cooler…which was dangerously balanced under the church pew that we took home after our church got chairs. The leg had broken out underneath it, and the pew tipped over on top of me — along with the tub of picture frames and ceramic/glass plates…and the cooler, obviously, which had started to open with all the food inside, plus cans of vegetables that were on top of the pew. Now, I was standing up, I wasn’t crushed or anything, but I literately couldn’t move because if I did, everything — including the ceramic plates — would fall onto the hard, unforgiving garage floor.

Ooh…here were my options of the only people that could lift all this weight off of me:

*My nine year old sister

*My mom…who was on crutches

This was an awkward situation…

When everything fell on my feet/legs, I kind of yelled. My mom, who was inside, asked me if I was okay.

“Are you okay?!”

“Oh man…”

“Are you okay?!”

“I can’t…um, ouch! Aw man…”

Are you okay?!”

“Yes! sorry. The pew fell on top of me, and the cooler, and the tub of really fragile stuff…I cannot move.”

“Okay…hang on.”

You would have laughed so hard if you saw, my mom crawled through our garage to come help me because no-one else could. We made it safe so it wouldn’t fall and she crawled all the way back.

This stuff only happens in our family.

I guess you could say, since we moved, things have only gotten…better?




9 thoughts on “Life Has Been Interesting…

    1. My mom said you can be her crutches. That way she can (figuratively) lean on you. :p

      I’m fine! I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic, Steve… I wish there was a suspicious emoji…

  1. BEST POST EVER! Haha! Oh I am sorry that your mom broke her leg long will she be laid up? And do you like your new house? I’ll be praying for your mom!

    1. I’m sorry if I made it sound like she broke her leg; she only tore tendons/ sprained her ankle. I mean, it’s bad enough that she can’t walk, but she didn’t break her leg. 🙂 About two weeks of crutches.

      I (we) love the new house!! It’s so nice; location and everything. We’ve already hung out with our neighbors after dinner, and then later they could just walk across the street to go home. 🙂 It’s so fun!

    1. Well, it probably isn’t as hard as it would be if I didn’t play piano. Every one says that makes it easier. Do you play piano/any instruments? I would encourage you to try anyways! Violin is hard to learn, but it’s so worth it! 🙂 Let me know if you do!!

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