Outtakes {Episode One}

Hey everyone! One of my favorite bloggers is Callie from Creations By Callie. Well, she does a really funny series called Bloopies where she posts funny candid pictures and puts hilarious captions on them. I thought I’d give that a try! So here goes my first one…

2015-02-23 16.57.30

“What’s that weird smell?!”


“Oh my gosh, I think I just stepped on a dead bird…”


“There’s only room for one!”


“Hey, look! Eyebrows!”


“Check out my dance moves…”


Me and my brother: “Okay, maybe he just likes to take serious selfies…”


“I am soo busted.”


“This bubble gum is great–but I think I have to much of it!!”



Your turn! What caption do you think would fit this picture?



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