Sisterhood of the Bloggers Award

I was nominated by Maddy from Digital Diaries for the Sisterhood of Bloggers Award. Thanks Maddy!

My questions to answer:

1. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Anywhere in the country!! Or, Plymouth MI. I love downtown Plymouth!
2. Would you rather be hot or cold? Cold, because I get nauseous when I am hot. When you’re cold, you get to wrap yourself up in a soft blanket and read a good book! 🙂
3. Your favorite sport to watch/play? To play: Um………..I am not really a sports person. I guess I enjoy soccer, sometimes. To watch, I like ice skating.
4. Have you been anywhere other than North America? No. I’d love to go to France, someday though. Or Spain. Or Germany…anywhere, really!
5. Your favorite Bible verse? The whole part of Proverbs 31 about the Proverbs 31 woman.
6. What was the last thing you just did? About 1/2 an hour ago, I turned a pair of gauchos into a skirt. Pictures soon to come on my other blog!
7. Do you like waking up early? As a matter of fact, I love it!! But I have a hard time waking up. 😉
8. What is your favorite post that you have ever done? That’s a good question! I’d say any of my photography posts. I love photography, and I love seeing my pictures up on my blog!

I nominate Cat, Ashley   and Laura.

My questions for them:

What’ your favorite book?

What’s your favorite song?

How many houses have you lived in?

What do you do on a rainy day?

Thank you Maddy for nominating me!!



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