Happy belated Thanksgiving! How was your Thanksgiving? Did you have snow? We spent the weekend with my Grandpa. And it snowed on Thanksgiving–it was so pretty!

2014-11-27 12.22.31 2014-11-27 12.25.28 2014-11-27 12.36.38 2014-11-27 17.09.46

2014-11-26 20.13.41 2014-11-26 20.56.25 2014-11-27 12.36.34

I didn’t get many pictures because we were just busy doing other things.

So how was your Thanksgiving? Ours was great (I had a little of everything 🙂 We had a 24-7 fireplace! Well, more like a 12-7  fireplace.

We had a late dinner because apparently the turkey thought that 6 hours wasn’t enough. :-/

What’s your favorite holiday? Mine is Thanksgiving. 🙂


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