NBC~~Five Blogs You Read And Why

blog challenge

I literally think I follow/read like at least 50 blogs, but I will share just five… :p

I love these all, so it’s not a particular order.

1. Fresh Modesty


I just love her blog!! She is possibly my favorite modesty/fashion blogger because she’s just so practical–meaning she finds stuff she can easily wear around the house, and isn’t too dressed up, but still manages to look extremely feminine and pretty. Ever want inspiration for casual but modest outfits, read her blog!


2. A Noble Calling


This girl has great posts about being a stay-at-home daughter. She includes recipes, book reviews, and fun things to include her readers (like her Week Of Autumn Outfits which I participated in.) I enjoy her blog a lot!


3. Like No Other


She is maybe my second favorite in the modest fashion blogging world. She’s about my age and comes up with awesome outfits that are modest. I love reading her blog! She is also a very talented singer and sings with her sister Cayla. Watch their videos!


4. Cat’s Blog


She’s also my cousin. 🙂 I love reading her blog because then I can catch up on what their doing in a different state.  She’s also hilarious.


5. Living And Dressing For My Savior


Yet another modest/fashion blog, yes. I guess that’s about half the blogs I read. 🙂 I love her blog because of the same reasons as the other ones. She’s modest, but still pretty. Her blog is inspiring to me.


Remember, if I’ve commented or something on yours, and I didn’t list you here, it’s just because I was limited to 5. I have so many that I love.

What are a few of your favorite blogs?


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