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I miss my friend from Howell. She is so sweet. I haven’t seen her in…well, since May I think. I almost want to say 2013. Maybe. It’s been a looong time. We try and write letters, but that doesn’t seem to be working out. She’s not the letter writing type, but that’s alright.

This friend has so much in common with me, I’m not joking– we went to their house and they had the same rug as us. That might seem like just a strange coincidence, but the first time we went to their house it was like, “Hey, I’m doing the same math curriculum as you. Oh, and look, I have those earrings! Yeah, my mom got those for me on Valentine’s Day too. Oh, and you have the same sweater as me! And we also both play piano. And we both like photography. And we hardly ever bake, but when we do we like it better than cooking. Plus, we’re the same age! Wait, you’re birthday is when? That’s only four days after I was born! Wow. Oh, you have the same front rug as me. I have that same piano book. And I have that same notebook. I do that in my free time, too. And that, and that…”

I’m telling you, you wouldn’t believe how similar we are. I really miss her.

I don’t know if you have heard of Truman Mouro…the little 13 month old baby that drowned May of 2012 and was brought back to life. Literally. They saved him just in time. It’s a very intense story…so I won’t post it all here. But if you maybe have heard of him, then it will help to know that this is his older sister.

Read Truman’s story here!



Miss you friend! 🙂

Naomi Rae


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