NBC~~Daily Routine

blog challenge

My daily routine on a regular school day is as follows:

Wake up at about 8–8:30am. Get dressed, make my bed, tidy up room, etc. Read my Bible for a while, then eat breakfast. Then I start school, which usually goes Algebra, Science, History/Literature. We eat lunch at about 12:30–1:00. Then I finish whatever homework I have left. After we’re finished with schoolwork, I’ll just hang out unless we’re doing something like piano lessons or going to clean our church. So I’ll check my email, play piano, blog, occasionally bake something, stuff like that. The afternoon is pretty low-key and then we eat late most of the time. We’ll eat about 6 or 6:30. After dinner we usually do some housework, like chores, and then the younger kids go to bed. My brother and I take showers and then go to bed in-between 10 and 11pm.

Somedays, though, we’re a lot busier!!

Naomi Rae


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