NBC~~Favorite Child Hood Memory

Technically I’m still a child. But I guess I’d say my “favorite” was building gigantic forts in our basement. We made one, I remember, that took up like almost a half of our basement (it’s not super huge) and we used the ping pong table and everything for it. We tried to make bedrooms, a living room, etc. It was really fun! My brother and sister sometimes make them too, now. I don’t anymore. I remember every time we’d take one down, a few days or week would pass and we’d have another one up. They are fun to make…but now they kinda drive me crazy because of how you can’t walk downstairs unless you crawl through the fort. :p

One time, we made one of the most epic forts in our history of basement architecture. We filmed a “creepy” movie with my brother’s camera set on night vision. I had a scary sounding song on my keyboard and played it in the background… yeah, that’s what we would do.

If you’re ever bored and have younger siblings who are bored, try to build a fort. 🙂

Naomi Rae


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