Last Day of Summer

So, tomorrow is my first day of high-school.


I am not really scared, but it is a little frightening and at the same time aweesome that tomorrow starts my first day of my four year countdown! Four more years until I’m graduated! That is pretty exciting.

I think the main reason I’m mostly excited and not anxious is that I will continue to be home-schooled and so I won’t have to worry about any public school. I’m not judging any public school’s or their students, I’m just staying that I’ve heard some scary stories and I’m really glad that I can still be educated and not be in any danger! 🙂

So the courses/classes I’ll be taking are:



~History (combined with Literature)

~Literature (see above)

~Gym Class (just getting some fresh air outside 😉  )

~A “Bible class” –(Family Bible time every night at 8)

~A Switchfoot course-taught by my brother…


So, if you haven’t heard of Switchfoot, then let me introduce them:


They are a band that my bro loves. He listens to them all the time, loves talking about them, etc…

So he is going to “teach” a class on them and we have to listen to their songs, read about their band/personal history, and more. Eh, not really my thing, like, at all, but whatever. 🙂


So now off to bed so tomorrow I can wake up and be a FRESHMAN!!



Happy September!

~Naomi Rae~



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