awkward and awesome


  • commenting on my own blog and having a new email pop on every time I comment. I’m like, “Who is emailing me?!” Oh, it’s me.
  • Having a whistling teapot and, incase you’ve never heard one, it sounds like a screaming baby!! I can’t stand how they sound.Β 
  • Buying a skirt with a way-to-big waist. Like, way to big. But I was planning to redo the waist and make it fit (which btw, totally worked!). My grandma, who was with me, was thought I was going crazy and I could not convince her I could fix it. πŸ™‚
  • Ten minutes after meeting some friends, I cut open one of the daughter’s fingers with my nail while playing a game. πŸ˜› How awkward.
  • Not knowing how to end a conversation. Ugh…always the worst part. I don’t want to just walk away…but what do I say?!
  • Sitting down to dinner and having my huge water bottle, Propel bottle, iced tea, and ginger ale. Hehe.


  • Making a new friend! Who didn’t even mind that I cut her finger open!! πŸ˜€
  • Sipping ice tea on a summer day…
  • We are going to Indiana on Friday!! πŸ™‚ Pretty long road trip… Anna thinks we’re going to India. 0_o
  • having my brother ask me, “Do you want me to dedicate a boat, house, or mountain ti you in Minecraft?” Surprise me.
  • While watering neighbor’s plants (who is gone for a couple weeks), the neighbor next door looks over the fence and asks what we’re doing. πŸ™‚ Josh goes, “Oh, we’re watering her plants because she’s gonna be gone for a couple weeks.” Nice Josh. Giving away information that could get her robbed!! :O Just kidding….
  • My sister walking out of her room and the first thing she says at all is: “Naomi, you got the two fluffy pillows last night.”



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