For the Millionth Time…

It’s official. We are *definitely* trying to move. Well, I guess I don’t have to say that, because I’ve already mentioned that SEVERAL times. It’s been “official” like seven times. I guess it’s just hard really wrapping my brain around it after living here for almost 11 years! I was about two or three? when we moved in, so I don’t remember the other three places we’ve lived. When my siblings got home from being gone Saturday through  Tuesday, our voices echoed when we walked inside!! :O I don’t really like it. I mean, yes, it is awesome sauce how clean everything is; I swear the bathroom sparkles! But it’s not exactly like…home. Well, that sounds dramatic, and it’s not that bad, I just mean it’s a little sad how every counter top, dresser top, breakfast bar, top of the piano, shelf, etc…has no knick-knacks (how do you spell that?!) so that’s why it echoes and such. All the pictures of our family has to come down because we’re not supposed to leave anything personal up for showings. Augh! Speaking of showings, we are starting them on Friday!! The only thing is…the realtor guy who is helping us move and all that is very confident that our house will sell. 🙂 So who knows? It is a possibility that by….the 25th someone will want to make an offer. I’d be surprised, but it’s possible. Soooo….the thing is, that means obviously we have to find somewhere to live! But say someone does want to but our house in the next week or so, then it takes about a month to do the “closing” (this stuff all confuses me). So we would *then* start looking at houses and making offers. :p I don’t know…it’s hard to understand some of the things like why you have to wait to do this, but you have to do this and that, but not this…and…AH! So, yeah. Our room is beautiful! But I still want to move and get a bigger one. Here is a list of things I would really really like with our new house:

1.  Bedrooms upstairs

2. Hardwood floors in the bedrooms

3. Fireplace

4. A patio thing on the back

5. Front porch

Yeah, I know, pretty tall order! 🙂 But that is just what I would love to have. I’m totally not expecting that!

Since school is out, I keep thinking that I have something to do! When I woke up this morning, (I am not telling you how late :/) my first thought was, “Eek! It’s pretty late…I should…um….uh, I should do school? No…clean…something? Nope…Wow! THERE IS NOTHING TO DO!!”

So here I am, finally able to do a really long blog-post, and not able to come up with something to do when I am done!! For a while, I was just wandering around, like,” I just know there is something I should be doing!” Ahh…. summer break is hard to get used to.

On the 12 was Anna’s and my recital-

–Okay, how would you say that?! “Anna and my recital” Anna and me’s recital” “Our recital” Annd and me, our recital” “Anna and my’s recital” I think I have it right…–

–Anyways… I am so done with my recital piece… here is the video:

La Chevaleresque

I do not know why it skips in the middle!? So weird…

*A side note* I hate bowing

Would you like to see a really weird screen shot?


How encouraging.

Well, I don’t know what I will do now!! Maybe make some changes to my blog? Have a wonderful day everyone! And thank you for reading my ramblings!!

Good day, ladies and gentlemen!




3 thoughts on “For the Millionth Time…

  1. naomi – dad here. Take out the other person in your sentence and then say it. “My recital”. So it would be Anna’s and my recital.

    Secondly, your video skips because your dad is a goof and has a small capacity iPhone that fills up fast. I ran out of space right in the middle of your performance. So I had to delete stuff quick and then start filming again. I spliced the two videos together before putting them on YT for you. 🙂

    great post! Congrats on 0 out of 1! 🙂

    1. Okay. No wonder I failed my Grammar Class. *groans*

      That makes sense; I figured it was something like that.

      Thank you so much!! I studied for hours and I about died with excitement when I received my grade!

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