Super Quick Update

Hey everyone!! I am so sorry I have not posted in so long!!! 😦 I feel really bad but hopefully I’ll be able to get back in the flow of things soon…or whatever. 

These are the main things that have happened:


1. This is our biggest news! At this exact moment, we have a realtor in our house talking with my parents about putting the house up for sale!!!!!!!! We have lived in this house for almost 11 years, and as my mom says, “We’re kinda packed like sardines now.” Hopefully we can still stay in the general same area. I would love to move to Plymouth, so much, but who knows? It’s possible we will just move to a nicer location in our same city.  So, yeah. We have been doing a ton of cleaning, and right now things have been chaos. Every day it’s, “Finish school and then we are doing this project.” Or, “After dinner we are heading to Lowe’s to pick up materials.”  It’s pretty hectic, but we are all willing to work hard if it means we get to move. 🙂 (I am personally looking HUGELY forward to getting a bigger room. Ours is t.i.n.y.

2. I did my last day of school on  Wednesday. Unexpectedly my mentor, which is sort of like a principal or main teacher, emailed me and said I only have to do two more lessons in Composition. I am so glad!! I’m officially a freshman now! :O Eek. It was awesome to get out two weeks faster than expected.

3. I recently made a video: What’s In My Bag. It has to be edited and whatever, so who knows how long it will take…maybe quite a while. :/ I got the hilarious inspiration from South Kakalaki Girl. Also, I have halfway filmed What’s In My Desk. And a What’s On My Bookshelf. But the latter may not go up… 😛

4. I am currently reading Pride and Prejudice. Yeaah. And it is very hard to understand. But I read the first 7 and a half chapters in about half an hour. :p I want to see the movie…I really enjoy the movies like, Gone With The Wind, Little House on The Prairie, and other movies about the 18oos time era. We just bought Gone With The Wind from a garage sale!! (Wait, garage sale?! Does that mean it’s summer?!)

5. My piano playing has decreased with all the work we’ve been doing to get the house ready, but I am going to ge thte music for The Struggle, and I am thrilled!! 🙂 Also, I’ve been preparing for my recital on June 13. I am playing Spirit of Chivalry, or La Chevaleresque; whichever you prefer. 😛

Well, gotta go, but hopefully I’ll post soon!




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