Siblings Comparison~~Peter

1. Describe each other in one word.

Peter: Multi-Layered.

Naomi: Ostentatious

2. Do people ever get you mixed up?

Peter: I have had people ask if we’re twins… or they would think that she’s older. *me: WHAT?! TWINS?!*

Naomi: Oh, I’m sorry, I think you maybe missed this information: Boy. Girl. He’s a boy. I’m a girl. ‘Nough said.

3. What is something that annoys you about one another?

Peter:Occasional slamming of my interests. Maybe we should leave this question out…I am sensing a partition of our friendship…

Naomi: Very loud and obnoxious when we are around other people. Including using large vocabulary, which doesn’t really annoy me…but sometimes he does it to show off. 😛

4. Do you ever argue?

Peter: Sometimes.

Naomi: Yes. But we don’t as much anymore…

5. What is the best thing about one another?

Peter:  Small acceptance of my absolute ridiculousness. *Small…*

Naomi:  Peter likes to take leadership and whenever Mom and Dad are gone, he’ll make sure we are all okay. You know, rocks us to sleep…googles the Gummi Bear song for me, etc…that’s what big brother’s do…

6. Fave inside joke?

We are watching the Left Behind movies with our mom. It is a LONG story, but in one scene, The Antichrist is talking to the captain of the plane. The Captain had just stolen something from the Antichrist, Nicolae Carpathia. Nicolae says, “Oh, and Captain,” The pilot freezes, thinking he knows about the disc he had stolen. Nicloae suddenly flashes a terrifying, demon face. Then he returns to normal and smiles. “Thank you for piloting.” So we make up stuff that he would say, like:

“Oh, and Captain.” *Horrific demon face* “Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!”

You’d have to see it…

7. Fave memory together?

Going to the hospital together to see our newborn cousin with my mom. Afterwards, we got Frostys. 🙂 It was one of the first things we had ever done as just the older kids.

8. Who takes longer to get ready?

Peter: Naomi! I can get clothes on faster than you brush your hair! Well…that’s actually a pretty accurate description…

Naomi: Once again, Girl. Boy. I have about 100 feet longer of hair.

9. Heels or flats?

Peter: Heels, girl! You know my sty’le!

Naomi: Yeah, see, this is made for sisters. 😛 Flats.

10. Pants or dresses?

Peter: Pants or dresses? Hmm…oh, gosh, this is so hard! I’m gonna go with dresses because they’re so versatile!

Naomi: I am giving myself a headache face-palming for my brother.

11. Favorite animal?

Peter: Capybara.

Naomi: Parrot!

12. If your house was burning down and your entire family was sure to be okay, what would you save and why?

Peter: I would save the knife my grandpa got for my 13th bday. Because it was so cool that I had no idea he was going to give me anything for my bday. Also, it’s handcarved, so, yeah…

Naomi: My diary and as many clothes as I could. (No, I’m not a fashion diva, it would just help to have something to wear!!)

13. Comedy, horror, or chick-flick?

Peter: Comedy

Naomi: What classifies a movie as a chick-flick? Like, Gone With The Wind? Then, yes. Chick-flick. But if not, comedy.

14. Blackberry or iPhone?

Peter: *Laughs* Blackberry is so irrelevant!! No one is even using them anymore!! *Laughs* iPhone!

Naomi: iPhone.

15. Favorite movie?

Peter: Um…that’s so hard! I’m gonna have to go with, um…either What About Bob (The cleaned up version) or the First Hobbit.

Naomi: For the third time today, I will state how much I enjoy Gone With The Wind, and Little House on The Praire, etc.. But I also love Frozen. (Doesn’t every female?)

16. What is something weird that you eat?

Peter: Pineapple on my pizza.

Naomi: Sausage wrapped in bacon dipped in brown sugar. Mmm Mm Mm…

17. Do you guys have anything matching?

Peter:  No, but I wouldn’t mind owning her owl shirt. Ha ha! He’s joking, but that’s the weirdest joke I’ve ever heard


Naomi: Parents?

18. What’s your favorite TV show?

Peter: Doctor Who

Naomi: Nineteen Kids and Counting, and Yard Crashers.

19. What is one thing that your sibling can do that you can’t?

Peter: Piano, but that’s the boring one. Not that piano’s boring, but that’s the typical one I say.  Successfully  introvert herself which allows time for self-reflection.  Okaaay…and do you like that about me?!

Naomi: He can express his state of mind in a profusion of terminology befuddling to the majority of the universes’ beings within.

20. What’s each other’s favorite song right now and of all time?

Peter: Every Switchfoot song ever written and if you don’t agree I question your life and everything you value. And all Gray Havens songs ever recorded except for The Stone. And last but not least every Owl City song created. And if you disagree with that, you probably have a mental condition and should see a doctor right away. Oh, I take that back! There is one Owl City song I don’t like.

Naomi: I love the song The Struggle and every Gray Havens song ever written except for The Stone. And maybe Jack and Jill Part 2. Maybe my fav GH songs are Silver, If The Walls Move and Steal My Fame!! My siblings sing that one like every day!!!!!!!



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