Sibling Comparison~~Anna

Hmmm…this will be interesting. I guess this is to see how similar my sister and I are:

1. Describe each other in one word.

Anna:  “Crazy. (I don’t think your crazy)”    That made so much sense, Anna!!

Naomi:  ” Caring”

2. Do people ever get you mixed up?

Anna: Um…not really…

Naomi: No! I am like two feet taller! But people say we look very similar. Or at least, I looked the same at that age.

3. What is something that annoys you about one another?

Anna: When she huffs and puffs. That really hurts, Anna. I’m crying…

Naomi: “I hate doing this, because I don’t like sitting here thinking about all the faults in someone. 😛 Hmm…I guess..sometimes, she likes to rub it in that she’s the youngest, and will try to give someone that sweet, innocent smile… *ahem*

4. Do you ever argue?

Anna: Yes.

Naomi: Very.Rarely. But usually it’s just a 5 minute thing. We never stay mad. 🙂

5. What is the best thing about one another?

Anna:  You let me sleep with your blanket. That’s all you can think of?!?!

Naomi: She is very compassionate and whenever someone is sick or in pain, or sad about something, she’ll disappear into her room and come back out with a card. 🙂

6. Fave inside joke?

Once, Anna was getting dressed and she was going to put on a purple shirt with butterflies all over it that said, ‘Hope and Dream.’ I picked it up and read it. Anna swears I said it in a robot voice, “Hope. And. Dream.” She cracked up and now whenever someone says something like “You can still hope…” then we will laugh and she’ll say, “Hope.And.Dream.” (I did NOT say it like that…)

7. Fave memory together?

Once, years ago, we slept on the floor in our room because it was SO HOT. We had our dolls with us, and our glasses of water next to the pillows. In the morning, we woke up soaked. Anna and I looked at each other and both started laughing, thinking the same thing. 🙂 “Stacy!” Anna scolded her doll. “You wet the bed!!”

8. Who takes longer to get ready?

Anna:I think Naomi takes longer.

Naomi: Oh…by far me. It takes a long time to get my hair to stay in any style!

9. Heels or flats?

Anna: High-Heels!

Naomi: I enjoy wearing high heels every once in a Sunday, but it’s much easier to wear flats. ❤

10. Pants or dresses?


Naomi: Dresses! (But really skirts…)

11. Favorite animal?

Anna: Horse.

Naomi: Parrot?

12. If your house was burning down and your entire family was sure to be okay, what would you save and why?

Anna: My Bible and my blanket.

Naomi: My diary and as many clothes as I could. (No, I’m not a fashion diva, it would just help to have something to wear!!)

13. Comedy, horror, or chick-flick?

Anna: Comedy.

Naomi: What classifies a movie as a chick-flick? Like, Gone With The Wind? Then, yes. Chick-flick. But if not, comedy.

14. Blackberry or iPhone?

Anna: iPhone

Naomi: iPhone.

15. Favorite movie?

Anna: Frozen or Tangled. 🙂

Naomi: For the third time today, I will state how much I enjoy Gone With The Wind, and Little House on The Praire, etc.. But I also love Frozen. ❤ (Doesn’t every female?)

16. What is something weird that you eat?

Anna: Deer. Deer meat is weird to eat.

Naomi: Fish. Yes, it is weird. I don’t care what you say. It is a slimy, scaly, gross-thing that deserves to stay with its little fish family! Also, plain hotdogs. I eat it right out of the package. Just Kidding!!!!! But I don’t put any condiments.

17. Do you guys have anything matching?

Anna: We both have black Tshirts.

Naomi: We have matching…bedspreads? Surprisingly, we don’t have any matching clothes! Once, shortly after she was born, we got Tshirts saying, ‘I’m the little sister’. and ‘I’m the big sister.’ :p

18. What’s your favorite TV show?

Anna:Electric Company. (Just Kidding) Little House on the Prairie.

Naomi: Nineteen Kids and Counting, and Yard Crashers.

19. What is one thing that your sister can do that you can’t?

Anna: I can’t curl my tongue. I can’t because I’m tongue-tied. When she read this question, I turned around slowly and curled my tongue at her. She chuckled. “Oh yeah, there you go.”

Naomi: I can’t do a cartwheel, although when my friends are bored they call me and ask me to film myself doing a cartwheel and send it to them. Kidding!! Seriously, I.Look.Hilarious. Doing a “cartwheel”. Anna’s pretty good at it, though.

20. What’s each other’s favorite song right now and of all time?

Anna: Let It Go 🙂

Naomi: I love the song The Struggle and every Gray Havens song ever written except for The Stone. And maybe Jack and Jill Part 2. Maybe my fav GH songs are Silver, If The Walls Move and Steal My Fame!! ❤ My siblings sing that one like every day!!!!!!!

Well, that was interesting. I’m going to do my other siblings too. Mwahahahahaa…



2 thoughts on “Sibling Comparison~~Anna

  1. “I guess..sometimes, she likes to rub it in that she’s the youngest, and will try to give someone that sweet, innocent smile…”

    *cough* *cough*

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