Awkward Sentances…*Again!!!*

            I have even more!! 🙂



  • “He’ll be the first casualty…”    “Yeah, I’m pretty casual…”
  • “…some black and white movies that were brown…”
  • *Putting on a sweatshirt* “It’s like a maze!!”
  • “Naomi I’m going to warn your future wife–oh wait…”
  • “Are you sniffing markers?!”
  • “I have a hole in my hand from where the bracelet was pushing against it.”
  • “Mom, do you like to choke yourself?”
  • “She’ll need open-heart surgery to look at her stomach,”
  • “I told you yesterday not to hit yourself!!”
  • “Do you have a grudge against her?”   *sarcastically* “Oh, yeah…”   “Big enough to fit in a car?”
  • “Your smoothies deformed,”
  • “Can I have a sundae because it’s Sunday?”
  • “Are you cross-eyed?!”
  • “This rice pack is made out of a rocking chair,”
  • “Last time I talked to him I said I was going to throw up…”


  • Going outside in a sweatshirt and not being freezing cold
  • Getting 100% on almost all of your school quizzes
  • Being able to play the Maple Leaf Rag (easier version….)
  • Playing hide-and-seek with all the teens and little kids after church. As you can tell…we get a little bored……
  • Reading the Series of Unfortunate Events. Weeeeelll, this should be under Awful. You will get what I mean if you read it. :p
  • Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins ❤
  • Playing the piano in a big empty room all by yourself. It makes it sound so much better compared to a blender running in the background, siblings talking , music playing, etc…
  • Grass!!! A sight for the sore eyes
  • Being able to get to know an older lady at the church and even exchange letters!
  • Getting like two projects done-or at least started!!!!!!!! Better than my track record…which is, “This is pretty yarn, I’ll make a scarf. Oh…look!! Fabric is on sale! I’ll make a skirt! Hey, beading–I haven’t done that in a while!! Hmm…I should really finish this embroidery sampler before I start these other three projects… Oh, I know!  I should try sewing a bookmark…” 😛 yeah.
  • Playing Apples to Apples with my family. Err…hmm, awesome isn’t exactly the word I’d use…


That’s all for now……….




2 thoughts on “Awkward Sentances…*Again!!!*

  1. It’s fun just trying to figure out who said what. 😛

    Umm… *looks at feet* It’s so nice out, you can go outside and jump in puddles and run in the melting snow… barefoot. 😀

    Series. Of. Unfortunate. Events. *blinks* I just started reading that today…

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