Am I the Only One?

Am I the Only One That……….


  • Gets really hyper when I play Uno
  • Hasn’t read Percy Jackson
  • Just about dies laughing at home videos that were filmed…2 months ago…
  • Gets so excited when my teacher sends me an email
  • Gets really depressed when the calender says there’s only one week until the dentist
  • Here’s the phone ring so much I hear it in my head while I go to sleep 😛
  • Likes talking in a southern accent
  • Borrows an average of 15 books each time I go to the library
  • Loves to be the first to reply to a group email
  • Is obsessed with pinning wedding dresses
  • Asks my friend to help me come up with a signature
  • Reads the same book over and over and over and over and still gets creeped out at the intense part


I am really strange………….. 😛




One thought on “Am I the Only One?

  1. I get hyper (most of the time) when I play Uno…
    I’ve read Percy Jackson *eagerly awaits October 7th for the last book*
    I died of laughter while watching videos from eight years ago.
    I get excited whenever I get a new email.
    I always feel happy and sad when I have to go to the dentist.
    Um… You’re the only one…
    I like talking with a British-Australian-American accent.
    I borrow an average of fifty if my mom’s using my card.
    I hate it when I notice I forgot to push the “reply to all” button.
    I’m obsessed with pinning paper.
    I come up with my own signatures.
    I rarely read a book twice.

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