Awkward and Awesome

Hey y’all!! 🙂 I’m going to do something really fun!!



  • Going into the little dentist room and them saying things like, “So how was your trip to Florida seven years ago?”  and “Do you want banana flavored fluoride? Just kidding, I know you hate bananas!” Creepy! I’m never letting Anna and Josh go before me again.
  • the dentist asking you questions like, “How old are you now?” and “thirteen” comes out like, “shirt tang,” because they’re sticking their hands in your mouth!!
  • trying to ice skate on our frozen patch in the backyard.
  • Someone saying, “Hi” so you smile and say “Hi” back, then they just lean forward and stare at you, so you frantically think of something to say…then they say, “Naomi. That’s a pretty name!” Oh. Just reading the name tag.
  • being at a country dance and doing a part with groups of four and the instructor for that group just looks at me and my two brothers and goes, “wow. Are you all related?”
  • singing a song and playing the piano with your sister who has a horrible cold   and whenever a long note comes she sounds like nails on a chalkboard.
  • having more awkwards than awesomes… like, way more…
  • (these three next ones are old ones) your mom insisting you get your face painted with little butterflies at a 1 year old’s bday party. THEN, insisting your friend does it too. So…you have to walk around with that on, hoping and hoping it will come off before church tomorrow.
  • walking around at a party with white tights on and then painfully realizing red frosting is somehow streaked down both sides!
  • while you’re at a campsite every time you go to the pool or lake or anywhere, the same couple is there, enjoying it all by themselves and smiling apologetically every time.



  • English Country Dancing!! ❤ I love it now!
  • having a brother who actually will dance with me and enjoys it! 🙂
  • melting snow ❤
  • being able to sleep at night without almost cracking a rib coughing so hard. :p


Sadly, I don’t have as many hilarious ones as HER. But I’ll probably start doing this more often.



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