Essay for school

Guess what? I ever even titled this. But, I’m going to publish anyway. And, it’s slightly, um…..weird unusual.

Here we go…..



           September 10th was one one if the most memorable days of my life.  My mom and dad briefly mentioned that morning that we were going to our friends house for coffee and dessert later that evening.  We were excited, but not as excited as we would be at about 6pm that night. That was the time we met the Gray  Havens.

       First of all, I should introduce the Radfords. They are a couple that have been married for a short time. David Radford had been singing for a while and that is actually how he met Licia. He was even on the popular T.V. show American Idol when he was younger. Once they met, their shared love of music was found. They decided to get married and then start a band called The Gray Havens.

       One of the many reasons they are enjoyable, is because of their catchy music. Each song is very narrative and could easily be acted out. Everyone in our family is a fan of their story-telling music, so when my 14 year old brother found out they were coming to a house show in Plymouth,  just a few minutes away, it was quite an exciting shock!

      After some slight investigating, we found out it was on a Tuesday evening. It was almost to much to bear! They were going to be so close!  We all tried to forget about it. That is , everyone except for mom and dad.  They were the only ones in our family that knew who was hosting the house show! They kept it secret for almost a month.

      After dinner on Tuesday, we drove off to the Kozlers, our friends. Their oldest daughter greeted us and we went in like nothing was out of the ordinary. Of course, nothing was for us. We looked around their new house! 

      ‘The kitchen is so tiny…’ I thought. ‘It’s even tinier because-there’s a table with Gray Havens posters in the middle!’ 

       It wasn’t dining table, though. It was a card table with posters, t-shirts, CDs, everything with one thing in common: The words ‘Gray Havens’ printed on the front. We were all confused. Our bewilderment grew when a guitar was heard being played in the other room. A couple was in the living room and they had instruments surrounding them. Mrs. Kozler walked up and said four words that were unbelievable.

       “Meet the Gray Havens!”

This was the house show in Plymouth? These were the Radfords? So many questions were swarming through my mind, yet I was speechless. We soon learned several other family’s were coming for the live “concert”.

    We had a blast that night, getting signed CDs, even getting our brother’s to play a song for them-one of the Gray Havens! And just think, someday, they could be famous.

    And I shook their hand!


Well, that’s probably not the best essay you’ve heard, but it was okay in my opinion. 🙂

  Naomi Rae     


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