I laughed when…….

~People that sing at the top of their lungs when they don’t know I’m listening.

~Being crazy with your sister(dancing and singing) and then turning around and your windows open and your neighbors staring at you like you have two heads. 😛

~My grandma bought me bacon gumballs

~Realizing that Nancy Drew is 18….forever!!!!

~My 1 year old cousin Owen “talking”.
~Laying down in the sidewalk to take a REALLY COOL picture and then getting up and seeing your neighbor staring at you. Wave and hope they saw the camera!

~Years ago………making some crazy contraption in the yard and each time someone walked by, Josh running away to our neighbors yard to pretend he wasn’t in our family. :O


3 thoughts on “I laughed when…….

  1. did you seriously just notice Nancy Drew’s never-aging age? and I really hope that they saw that camera…you’ll have to post that picture…

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