I Laughed When…

Thanks Claire, for this idea-it is brilliant!!!!!

~Anna broke the push broom raking leaves


~After she broke it, she figured she’d…….stick it in the ground?

~I got to meap and this kid had a cold behind me so he was sniffing..and coughing…and sniffing…and coughing..etc Okay, I didn’t laugh!

~We got new comforters for our bed and when I got home, Anna said proudly, I made your bed! I stared at it, and then ripped all the blankets off (I know, mean) and I couldn’t help laughing at her face until we told her about the new stuff. 😀

~Josh impersonating a T-rex =D

~Shopping for clothes with my crazy mom. You do not want to know.

~Wearing an owl shirt to terrify Anna (she’s scared of them) I’m not that mean to her…:)

~Pete’s reaction when his ipod came and us telling him he had to finish his school before he could touch it. 🙂

~Josh’s face while he plays video games

~Pete’s face while ha uses his ipod

~Accidentally scaring Anna by shaking my leg while we were in bed and her FREAKING OUT saying, “What was that?”  a billion times

Sorry it was short……

Naomi Rae



One thought on “I Laughed When…

  1. “sorry it was short……” *starts laughing* I should number mine then…My first one probably has…50 or so…and my last/second one probably has…100 or so 🙂 Peter got his ipod…that will drive you crazy…what drives ME crazy is:
    1) My “Roommate” listens to music, volume at 100%, in the dark, while I’M trying to go to sleep…oh dear…

    How is it possible to scare someone by moving?…She’s scared of owls!?

    The comforter one is my all-time-favorite. It’s so…you…and anna 🙂

    —me.not you.—

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