Day Twenty-What I read

Yeah…I know it’s only the nineteenth, but I’m almost positive I’ll run out of time to post this tomorrow. So I’m doing it in advance. Whew! I’m all caught up!


Farmer Boy(Little House On The Prairie) MY favorite one.





















BY the way!!!! I ave officially started school! On the 17…Here is a COMPLETELY RANDOM picture of a mouse lemur that I learned about in Science today:















And I am so so sorry that there is such a huuge space. I’m having some problems and I can’t fix that. 😦



5 thoughts on “Day Twenty-What I read

  1. =D I’m reading a ton of books…one of them is, On the Shores of Silver Lake 😀
    Mouse Lemur? I’m learning about the Bermuda Triangle! Go figure.


  2. please do not publish this comment!

    -go on to gmail so I can chat with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [if this shows up…that would be sort of awkward…]

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