So the previous post you may have read was written  by my dad, supposed to be posted on whydididreamthat.wordpress.com where he writes about  all the crazy dreams my mom has. Apparently it was logged in under me so I hope you all enjoyed the accidental  guest post 😂 Naomi Advertisements

Jen’s big show!

So, somebody complimented my singing and I decided i should put on a show and sing about 8 songs at our church, in the auditorium.  The day of the show came and I had not practiced once nor did I know any of the words to any of the songs that I had chosen.  The […]

Graetly Average

Heyyyyy everyone!! So I  posted briefly about my new blog a few days ago but now that I have more time I wanted to mention a few things about it!! About Minutiae  -first, thanks to all of my readers here who have been following me for almost five years!! -i will not be deleting this […]

extraño el verano

(the benefits of knowing Spanish: when you don’t have a blog post title, translate something basic and it instantly sounds dramatic) So September was… Wow. On the 14th, my grandpa had a heart attack and drove himself to the hospital. When we got the phone call, mom and dad were getting ready to go to […]

Back to School!

Today I started my senior year of highschool!!! AHHHHHHH!!! i only have one year left. two semesters. nine months. 36 weeks. 252 days. 6048 hours. ok you get the point. the other day my friend and i walked to office max (because we’re nerds and wanted to buy cool stuff for school) and payless (both […]

Family Reunion Photos

friday and saturday we had a family reunion in Howell on my dad’s side of the family. it was really fun– especially saturday. there was a pool that day! 🙂 and in honor of my dad’s aunt and uncle’s upcoming 50th anniversary, we had a Surprise Vow Renewal Ceremony!! It was very casual, with the […]