Back to School!

Today I started my senior year of highschool!!! AHHHHHHH!!! i only have one year left. two semesters. nine months. 36 weeks. 252 days. 6048 hours. ok you get the point. the other day my friend and i walked to office max (because we’re nerds and wanted to buy cool stuff for school) and payless (both […]

Family Reunion Photos

friday and saturday we had a family reunion in Howell on my dad’s side of the family. it was really fun– especially saturday. there was a pool that day!🙂 and in honor of my dad’s aunt and uncle’s upcoming 50th anniversary, we had a Surprise Vow Renewal Ceremony!! It was very casual, with the bride […]

#3 Grow Your Hair To Your Waist

excuse my brother photobombing in the background😀 and not only did i grow it all out….but my mother finally convinced me to CUT IT!! it’s actually not a huge difference…probably just to me it is because i haven’t seriously cut my hair for like 4 or 5 years.  i love it and it’s less to […]

The End Is In Sight

the next few weeks are going to be a blur of chemistry, history, and algebra, with a side of economics, so don’t be expecting many posts.  i wrote a fairly ambitious list of books and homework and projects to complete this month….and blog at least once a week is on it, so we’ll see.   a […]

this craze about adult coloring books…

  they certainly are popular. i got three in the span of christmas and my birthday. at first i thought it was a little weird… and felt like a 5 year old when people asked me what i was doing and i had to say i was coloring.😀 but it’s kind of neat. Anna colored a […]

A List of Books For When Winter Srikes Back 

   unfortunately, as I’m writing this I’m only in the middle of one book, that I’m reading for school. (It’s actually a great book, In His Steps)  I realllllly wish I had stocked up on books before all this snow hit…alas, i will have to settle for making a list and putting books on hold […]

How I Spent My SuperBowl…..

   If you’re like most americans, the Super Bowl is as big of an event as New Year’s Eve. Christmas is no big deal compared to the Super Bowl. Thanksgiving bows down to the Super Bowl.  If you’re like my family, the Super Bowl means your extended family won’t answer their phone for an afternoon […]